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Among the Most
Respected Names

in insurance, risk, and enterprise solutions

Offering Tailored Strategic Advice for Industry Leaders

A unique blend of backgrounds built on proven success, our partners bring decades of hands-on experience in effective leadership and change management.

Financial Analysis, Mergers & Acquisitions

Tackling head-on the difficult issues and decisions that confront the CEO.

Marketing & Distribution

Modern solutions rooted in experience to get ahead of disruption and obstacles.

Innovation, Transformation &
Operational Effectiveness

Our Partners are thought leaders and content experts, offering objective advice, solutions, and strategy.

Human Resource
Development &
Strategic Reviews

We provide multi-dimensional review and analysis and a hands-on approach to drive change.

Insurex is a unique think tank.

We are executives with extensive backgrounds covering C-suite functions that include those who have served as CEO’s, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Distribution Officers and other high impact functions of life and health insurance enterprises.


We understand the challenges of starting and growing an enterprise that provides attractive solutions to clients.  The role of recruiting and retaining key talent, establishing effective distribution channels, corporate governance and risk management is optimized when you channel these responsibilities to those with proven expertise in such matters. 

In a world of the unknown, we deconstruct challenges by becoming part of your organizational DNA - a secret sauce that anticipates issues, solves problems, and allows you to focus on other tasks.

Insurex brings you recognized leaders in the insurance sector that have also served in leadership positions on numerous industry boards including the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI), Financial Security for All (Finseca), Concerned Actuaries of the United States (CAUS), and The American College of Financial Services.

Our Pledge...

We assign a lead partner who is your primary project contact and do not “pass the buck” to contractors after we are engaged.  You are retaining extraordinary, seasoned and respected leaders who are personally invested in your success and that of your enterprise.  That lead partner has access to all other partners so that an integrated series of strategies can be launched in a timely manner.

We listen. We study your business and needs and bring a sense of urgency to every client.



We have scored multiple wins in working with many of the world’s largest companies spanning life insurance and investments, property and casualty, health insurance, M&A and crisis/risk mitigation. We are equally excited to help start-ups who seek crowd funding and related vehicles to accelerate their successful launch or regrouping.

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