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Helping You Optimize
Your Enterprise

Strategic Reviews

Our particular business focus is in the universe of insurance including life insurance, health, and property casualty insurance.  We will assign one or more partners to engage in a multi-dimensional review of current strategies and an analysis of possible strategic changes. This may include acquisitions, new business initiatives covering product offerings and distribution introduction of potential partners, divesting projects or assets or other options.  We provide strategic reviews for existing companies as well as start-ups.   We anticipate questions and provide recommendations on:

  • How to raise the issue with key stakeholders, including Board members, owners/investors, distribution channels, regulators and community leaders, employees, new recruits essential to your future and many others.

  • We create, with you, realistic timetables for decisions, contingency plans, media and investor relations questions and help anticipate many contingencies that are often overlooked.  In essence, we provide operational and marketing guard rails because we bring a massive array of proven talent to address your needs, from planning and launch to competitive analysis, growth and distribution strategies and savvy business alignments with carriers, broker dealers and others.

  • We may, if requested, also suggest other strategic partners, investors and institutional groups who may be critical to the success of your enterprise.

  • We rehearse with robust Q&A on what to expect as your plan moves from “thinking” to “successful doing.”

Interim Executive Assignments

It is not uncommon that any enterprise may need to replace a key executive on short notice due to illness, death or a business crisis that requires discretion with Board members, key clients and others.  We have unrivalled success at identifying and vetting key executives such as CEO, CFO, CMO and others who are vital to your success.  We take each assignment seriously, assign one lead so you have a single point of contact, and, because of our extensive network throughout the insurance and financial sector, we can fast track the right find for interim and permanent positions faster than executive search firms who often have noteworthy overhead.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Even the most seasoned executive teams can be overwhelmed when approached regarding a sale, the infusion of new capital or ownership stake, or the desire to seek partnerships with others.  Buying and selling a business, whether it is an agency, a book of business, a proprietary software product or any number of other situations should never be left to amateurs.  Our Partners have many decades of hands-on success in helping entities ranging from small and middle-sized businesses to those with billions of dollars in capital.  M&A is not for amateurs.

Start-Up Companies

Due to our extensive experience serving in C-suites of financial service companies as well as our extensive network within related industries, we have increasing been approached by start-up companies introducing  innovative distribution, product, administration, data science techniques and other innovative concepts to provide advise as to aid start-up companies achieve sufficient scale as quickly as possible.

Strategic and Operational Projects

Insurex shines in bringing you solutions that are carefully designed to achieve objectives on time- and on budget - with success that will distinguish you in the marketplace.  In essence, we are the secret sauce as a think tank that can help with projects such as:


  • New Product Launches

  • Insurtech Innovations

  • Distribution Systems

  • Crisis and Risk Management

  • Data Management

  • Social Media Outreach

  • Launching or Modifying Operations by Product Line or Region

  • Financial Feasibility Analysis: Testing For Stress Tests and More

  • Executive Mentoring

  • Product Innovations

  • Capital Sources

  • Succession Planning

  • Staffing and Executive Recruitment

  • Digital Marketing and Distribution

  • Digital Fulfillment

  • Board Participation, Including Contingency Planning for Hostile Board Member Acts, Resignations and Accusations

  • Innovative Marketing Programs

Insurex has a reputation in the insurance-based financial market for proven success with product distribution, product and marketing.  We help clients design solutions and channels that work.  We rigorously test, with the assistance of third parties, your systems before you go live – essential to ensure any ramifications with policyholders, clients and regulators.  With so much disruption in distribution and the opportunity to objectively view how technology is impacting the industry, our Partners are very experienced in solutions that could have a major impact on how to address disruptive changes.


There are many business problems that can be solved through the creative use of reinsurance transactions and relationships. Insurex Partners are well-experienced in all uses of reinsurance and are familiar with a large network of reinsurers providing solutions to the needs of carriers.  Avoid pundits who claim to understand reinsurance, E&O, D&O and related issues.  Ask us so we can help you understand risk assumption, transfer of risk to third parties, indemnification, and related issues. 

Executive Mentoring

You may have a senior executive who is distracted by a personal crisis, and alarm bells are beginning to sound with leadership teams, clients, and others.  An individual may engage in actions such as bullying and harassment, intimidation, sexual misconduct or be demonstrating such profound stress that this is undermining organizational success.  We assign a seasoned mentor to work with that person in a discreet, confidential manner on a flat fee or negotiated basis.  In cases where we feel the individual is best exited by the organization because the risk of their behaviors, we follow our fiduciary responsibility to the client and make such a recommendation.  In short, we help the enterprise differentiate a person with a problem from the problem person.  Success is achieved when mentoring is presented as an investment in that executive and not as a punitive measure. In other cases, replacing a senior executive may be unpleasant but is in the best interest of all stakeholders.

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